What are your hobbies?: Quels sont vos hobbles?

What do you do in your free time? : Que fais-tu pendant tes loisirs?

What do you like to do? : Qu'est-ce que vous voulez faire?

Which sport do you like the best?: Quel sport préférez-vous?

Which sport do you play? : Quel sports pratiquez vous?

Do you like..?: Aimes-tu..?

I like..: J'aime..

I don't like..: Je n'aime pas..

cooking: cusine

dancing: danse

fishing: pêche

reading: lecture

singing: chant

skiing: ski

sleeping: endormi

swimming: natation

travelling: voyage

badminton: bedminton

baseball: baseball

basketball: basket

bowling: bowling

football: football

table tennis: ping-pong

tennis: tennis

volleyball: volley

golf: golf

music: musique

hobby: hobby

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